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Invisible Dollars Flying Out The Window?

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Whether you are a manager or an owner of a food service organization you are probably all too aware of the many ways money can be lost (or stolen) throughout your organization.  For example, how many times a week do you have to remind your staff to close the door of the refrigerator?  Other common sources of lost revenue include things like broken china & glasses, containers of food spilling or breaking, employee theft and even customer theft.  Then there are the larger expenses like equipment breakdowns and periodic replacement costs.  All these things eat away at profits and keep you from running the most cost efficient operation possible.

Your walk-in or reach-in refrigerators can also be a source of operational inefficiency if not cared for properly.  Refrigerators have a tendency to age rather quickly and, very often, they can develop serious problems within a year or two after start-up.  Even something as simple as a torn door seal can result in a continual drain of dollars because heat is constantly being sucked in, causing the evaporator unit to run longer than necessary.  CoolerKING® filters are very effective at compensating for and even reversing many of the adverse conditions that refrigerators are subject to over time. When a delivery person props the cooler door open for twenty or thirty minutes, causing the temperature to soar,  CoolerKING® helps drop that temperature much faster after the door is closed.  When high humidity results in excessive ice build-up on evaporator fins  CoolerKING® has proven to be an effective deterrent.  Also, when the floor is mopped  CoolerKING® helps to dry that floor in a fraction of the time that it normally takes, creating a safer workplace with less chance of costly slip and fall accidents.

The simple fact is,  CoolerKING® filters help your refrigerators run far more efficiently and therefore help you tighten up your operation so less of those invisible dollars will be flying out the window.