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Making a Difference

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

At HCS, Inc. we are especially fortunate to be supplying a product that provides a whole list of meaningful benefits to our customers. One could argue that CoolerKING’s remarkable ability to keep refrigerators colder and drier, resulting in fresher food and safer food storage, is the product’s most significant contribution. Many of our customers rave about the incredible reduction of odor or how much drier, and therefore safer, the cooler floor is since installing our filters. These are just a few of the many improvements one is able to observe from day to day.

But there is another, equally important benefit available to CoolerKING® customers that many people may not fully realize. If your business is using CoolerKING® filters in its refrigerators then your business is helping to preserve our country’s natural resources by reducing energy consumption. Because CoolerKING® controls excess moisture it lightens the load on refrigeration equipment and actually saves energy in two important ways. When a refrigerator stays colder it does not have to run as much and when it is running it does not have to work as hard. Independent tests have shown that CoolerKING® reduces both run time and KWH demand by about ten percent. This means that our customers can count themselves part of a very real worldwide movement of people and companies that are not just talking about saving the environment. CoolerKING® customers are doing something to help reduce the burning of fossil fuels.

Whether you are the proprietor of a single family restaurant or the CEO of a multi-unit giant, CoolerKING® is a tool that allows your company to make a difference for the future!