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Is Your Company Seen as Green?

It’s no secret that today’s more educated and concerned consumer tends to support and buy products from companies that demonstrate a responsible attitude toward the environment.  This new direction toward environmental awareness is fast becoming a necessary ingredient in the way companies are run and in how they represent themselves to their customers.

Several years ago McDonalds eliminated the use of styrofoam containers in favor of recycled paper products, a clear illustration of how companies are responding to the ever-changing trends in consumer demands.  This shift in attitude is the result of a growing awareness that we all have to curtail the wasteful habits of the past and that, by doing so, a company can improve its standing in the community and the marketplace.  CoolerKING® helps keep your refrigerator colder NATURALLY and that means less run time. The filters absorb excess moisture which is a form of heat.  This lightens the load on the evaporator unit as well, resulting in more efficient cooling and less wasted energy.

As a CoolerKING® customer your company can be proud that it is doing its part to help preserve our country’s precious natural resources.

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