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  • How do I use Polar Fresh® ?
  • Why use Polar Fresh® instead of baking soda?
    Baking soda absorbs some odor and only for a very short time. As soon as moisture builds up on the surface of baking soda (usually within a few days) it tends to crust over rendering it useless. Polar Fresh® actually stops odor before it starts by controlling the bacteria-breeding moisture that causes odor.
  • How do I know when to change Polar Fresh®?
    Depending on the humidity where you live and the condition of your refrigerator Polar Fresh® will last from three to four months. Before you place Polar Fresh® in your refrigerator simply write the expected replacement date (approximately 3 months from your starting date) in the space provided on the top of the box. When you notice food not staying as fresh or odor returning it is time to change Polar Fresh®.
  • Are there any chemicals in Polar Fresh® that I should be concerned about?
    Polar Fresh® contains a blend of 100% natural zeolites minerals. They are completely safe to use in a refrigerator but normal care should be taken to prevent small children from opening the box.
  • How does Polar Fresh® save energy?
    Because Polar Fresh® absorbs warm air that enters through your refrigerator door your refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to cool. This means less wear and tear on the equipment as well as less run time because the refrigerator stays colder. You are saving money on energy because Polar Fresh® is working to keep your refrigerator colder and less energy is being used to cool it.
  • How much colder will my refrigerator be?
    Normally the temperature will tend to drop a few degrees and stay consistently colder. If you notice liquids or lettuce freezing then you must adjust your temperature control up a notch or two to compensate for the new, colder conditions.
  • Will Polar Fresh® dry out my food?
    No, the special blend of natural zolite minerals inside Polar Fresh® have the ability to absorb excess moisture, purify it, and then release it back into the refrigerator to maintain optimum humidity levels for food freshness.
  • What should I do with Polar Fresh® when it has expired?
    You can simply toss Polar Fresh® in the trash or if you have potted plants or a garden the mineral can be added to the soil to provide aeration for the roots and to improve drainage. Simply cut open the filter bag and work the mineral into the soil – another solution to help your household "go green".
  • We get deliveries almost every day so freshness isn’t really an issue. Why do I need CoolerKING®?
    The fact that you get your food in every day tells us that you are very interested in providing the freshest food possible. Food is processed, trucked, warehoused and distributed. A study conducted by Cox Technologies, Inc. showed that by the time retailers receive food the remaining shelf life is approximately 30%. It is very important to preserve the remaining shelf life by storing your food in optimum conditions. This is where CoolerKING® shines. Customers have told us that with CoolerKING® their food actually looks fresher than when they received it. Also, food prepped earlier such as dinner salads and salads with mayonnaise or eggs will also stay colder and fresher. An independent evaluation shows how CoolerKING® reduces the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold on food. You will see there is a dramatic difference with the food that is protected with CoolerKING®.
  • How does CoolerKING® save energy?
    Because the filters ability to capture warm air that enters when you open your refrigerator door, your refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool. This means less wear and tear on the equipment as well as less run time because the refrigerator stays colder. You are saving money on energy because CoolerKING® is working to keep your refrigerator colder and less energy is being used to cool it.
  • Why should I add CoolerKING® service to my budget?
    Faced with ever-tightening profit margins, we understand that people are continually looking for ways to trim costs and improve efficiency. CoolerKING® is a valuable partner that helps improve your bottom line and gives you a competitive edge. It actually turns a refrigerator into the profit center it should be. CoolerKING® saves more money than it costs by reducing food loss, improving energy and equipment efficiency, creating a safer work environment and increasing customer satisfaction. It actually pays you to use it!
  • My cooler works just fine (or my cooler is new). Why do I need this service?
    Some of our customers felt the same way at first. However, CoolerKING® keeps coolers new longer. You wouldn’t overlook changing your oil or getting a tune-up on your car just because it is new and has no problems. Those things help it stay in top condition. Your cooler is the heart of your food operation and CoolerKING® helps your cooler and everything in it stay in top condition. With CoolerKING® there will be less wear and tear on your refrigerator equipment because it does not have to run as much or as long to keep your refrigerator cold resulting in energy savings.
  • What’s the cost of CoolerKING® Service?
    The cost depends on the size and number of coolers you have as well as their condition. On the free trial request form you will be asked the following questions and a sales representative will contact you with pricing information: How many coolers do you have? What is the length, width and height for each your coolers? Do you have any particular problem with temperature, odor, mold or moisture?
  • How long is the trial?
    The four weeks of service after installation are free and if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we will remove the filters with no further obligation to you.
  • If I take your free trial, how am I going to know if there’s a difference?
    We document the conditions in the cooler at the time of the installation (so we have something to compare against) and monitor the changes during the trial period. We will also leave with you a very simple questionnaire that guides you through the observation process.
  • How often are the filters replaced?
    The filters are replaced on a quarterly basis.
  • How do I confirm that I replaced my CoolerKING® Filters?
    For the customers that get their filters delivered, please go to to confirm you have received and replaced your filters.
  • How do the Zeolite "smart minerals" work?"
    Too much heat and moisture is what spoils food prematurely, creates odors and causes your fridge to work harder to keep it colder. The zeolite “smart minerals” quickly capture the excess moisture while holding onto unwanted contaminates (like odors and ethylene gas). This means your fridge does not have to work as hard or as long to keep it colder & drier… Saving Energy. When your fridge needs more moisture, the zeolite “smart minerals” will detect if conditions become too dry and release purified moisture back into the air to create optimal humidity levels for fresh food storage resulting in Less Food Wasted. Very smart indeed!

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