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CoolerKING ®

For Foodservice Industry

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Food Fuels Your Life, Give Extra Life to your Food.

CoolerKING Filter
A Unique Solution for Ideal Food Storage...


CoolerKING® Quarterly Filter Service for walk-in and reach-in coolers helps eliminate the top 2 drains on profits by reducing food waste & energy usage while controlling odors and moisture so you can serve fresher, great tasting food.

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3 Great Reasons to Put CoolerKING® in Your Coolers 

#1 Fresher Food & Less Waste

The food service industry wasted 10.8 million metric tons of food in 2019, which equaled about 19.9% of the food wasted in the United States.  


Of course, you probably don’t intend to waste food, spoiled food equals less profits.


That is why food businesses must rise to the challenge of managing a tight budgt, reducing food waste, insuring food safety while meeting customer needs.


CoolerKING® filters naturally control temperature & humidity levels resulting in extended shelf life of food up to 3 x longer.

Food Preparation
This simple hack will help create ideal food storage conditions resulting in more money in your pocket.

No more throwing away food that has spoiled prematurely.

No more mystery odor coming from your refrigerator.

No more moisture on shelving
& food packaging.

No more wasting energy while running your refrigerator.



“Since we started using Polar Fresh we have cut spoilage by at least 15%. Now we grocery shop every other week, instead of every week, which saves us time. Our home fridge seems colder so we are seeing some energy savings too.”

Dough Lynch, Commerical & Residential Customer

"CoolerKING has helped us in our quest to continue discovering new ways to improve the level of freshness and quality we proudly provide to our customers."

—Roberto Gonzolez, Director of Food Service Vallarta Supermarkets

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