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ALL-NATURAL Refrigerator Filters
Powered by Zeolites

Zeolite "Smart Mineral" natural volcanic minerals are specially formulated
to create a fresher,more energy efficient refrigeration
 for up to 3 months.

Click below to learn more about the solution that best fits your needs!


Fresh Zone                       

Zeolites quickly capture excess moisture while holding onto ethylene gas & unwanted contaminates that spoil food & cause stinky odors.


​Green Zone                   

Refrigerators work more efficiently resulting in energy savings and less wear & tear on equipment.


Money Zone                          Less Food Wasted          + Energy Savings

  = $ Money Saved

Get into the Zone

For Home Refrigerators

Simply place Polar Fresh on your highest shelf. Watch the food fresheness & energy savings begin!

CoolerKING-Top Closed-Logo Norm_High Res

For Food Service Industry

Easy installation on the ceiling of your cooler, no electrical or moving parts.  Watch the food freshness & energy savings begin!

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