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zeolite mineral honeycomb structure

Zeolite "Smart Mineral" technology is a blend of natural volcanic minerals specially formulated to create a fresher, more energy efficient fridge for up to 3 months.


The physical structure of zeolite is arranged in an interconnecting lattice structure. This structure is arranged to form a honeycomb framework of interconnecting channels that are consistent in diameter. The diameter of these open channels is what differentiates each type of zeolite and is what gives rise to their unique properties. Within these channels are positively charged ions (cations) attached and held by the structure's negative charge.

Zeolites can perform the following functions:


Water Absorption/Desorption

The ability to absorb/desorb water vapor without chemical or physical change in the zeolite structure.


Gas Absorption

The ability to selectively absorb specific gas molecules.


Ion Exchange

The ability to exchange one cation for another determined by ion size and channel diameter. Zeolites are some of the most efficient ion exchangers known.

List of Common Applications

  • Feed Supplement​

  • Odor and Moisture Control​

  • Soil / Turf Amendment​

  • Water Treatment

  • Environmental Remediation​


Q&A Professor of Geology - How Zeolites Work Inside A Refrigerator

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