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For Food Service Industry

Easy installation on the ceiling of your cooler, no electrical or moving parts.  Watch the food freshness & energy savings begin!

"Coolers are at the heart of any foodservice operation & they get a lot of use which can lead to improper storage temperatures, moisture build-up, odor, food waste & equipment breakdowns. This reduces profitability & has negative impact on the environment."

Stan Gittelman CEO HCS,Inc.

Managing a food business takes special skill. Purchasing ingredients and creating the perfect meal are obvious challenges. However, there are other considerations. With a focus on food, food businesses must also rise to the challenge of managing a tight budgt, conserving energy, reducing food waste, insuring food safety and meeting customer needs.

Improving Energy Efficiency Increases Profitability


Reducing Food Waste Increases Profitability 


Enhancing Food Safety
  • CoolerKING® is a very simple and inexpensive "green" solution that will enhance your food safety program and transform your refrigerators into a more efficient food storage environment by keeping them colder, drier and safer for food storage. 


Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction is the key ingredient to staying competitive and building success.

  • With CoolerKING®, you will have happier, loyal customers because you are serving fresher foods that will make them want to return to your restaurant again and again.


Let us show you what CoolerKING® can do. 

Start your FREE TRIAL today!

“Since we started using Polar Fresh we have cut spoilage by at least 15%. Now we grocery shop every other week, instead of every week, which saves us time. Our home fridge seems colder so we are seeing some energy savings too.”

Dough Lynch, Commerical & Residential Customer

"CoolerKING has helped us in our quest to continue discovering new ways to improve the level of freshness and quality we proudly provide to our customers."

—Roberto Gonzolez, Director of Food Service Vallarta Supermarkets

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