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For Home Refrigerators

Simply place Polar Fresh on your highest shelf. Watch the food fresheness & energy savings begin!

Meal planning takes some forethought when you’re living out of an RV or going cruising on your Boat. It’s a challenge to keep and prepare fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients. Also, if you’re camping in remote locations, you might not have access to full-service grocery stores.


Refrigerators should be set between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 41 degrees Fahrenheit so food won’t be subjected to bacteria contamination. Small refrigerators, particularly front-loading ones found in boats and RVs, are subject to more temperature fluctuations than larger ones, as there is less cold mass and less cold air overall inside.  They also tend to build up odor and moisture more quickly.


Therefore, it is important to find solutions to help keep your refrigerator colder, drier and smelling fresh so the food stored inside will stay fresher longer. 


That's where Polar Fresh® comes to the rescue. Today a "quantum leap" has occurred in the pursuit of keeping food fresher and preventing odors. Polar Fresh® also offers a new way of reducing energy usage

providing consumers with a means for making a positive impact on the environment. 


Join the Fresh Fridge Club Today!

With our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to lose

(except less food spoilage and less energy wasted!)

“Since we started using Polar Fresh we have cut spoilage by at least 15%. Now we grocery shop every other week, instead of every week, which saves us time. Our home fridge seems colder so we are seeing some energy savings too.”

Dough Lynch, Commerical & Residential Customer

"CoolerKING has helped us in our quest to continue discovering new ways to improve the level of freshness and quality we proudly provide to our customers."

—Roberto Gonzolez, Director of Food Service Vallarta Supermarkets

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