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Energy Savings

Electrical Savings Graph


Location: Store #475 - Whittier - Meat Cooler
Conducted by: Electrical Systems Testing, Inc.


The purpose of the test was to:

Determine the amount of KW Hour demand and compressor running time, with and without Humidity Control Systems "CoolerKING®" units in place.


Determine how well the temperature was maintained especially during peak times and defrost cycles.


The test equipment was installed April 24 and compiled the following:

Data from April 26 through April 30 without CoolerKING® installed.

Data from May 10 through May 14 with CoolerKING® installed.


Energy Tests:

The results with CoolerKING® installed showed a 9% reduction in running time of the compressor and a 9% reduction in kWh Demand.

Temperature Tests:

Refrigerator temperatures without CoolerKING® installed peaked into the fifties on a regular basis. In refrigerators with CoolerKING® installed this occurred infrequently. Without the system installed, the compressor ran longer in order to bring the temperatures down. The temperatures were also monitored at other test sights and in all instances they dropped and remained consistently lower throughout the day.

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