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Food Safety


Yeast & Mold on Lettuce

lettuce_ym graph.gif


Yeast & Mold on Strawberries

strawB_ym graph.gif


Bacteria on Strawberries

strawB_bc graph.gif
  • In a ten day test, Tahoe Food Technology, Inc. of Sparks, NV measured the growth of various micro-organisms on refrigerated food in two household refrigerators, one containing a Polar Fresh® filter and the other without a filter.


  • In looking at the graphs and corresponding plate comparison photographs it is clear that, in every case, the food in the refrigerator without Polar Fresh® had much higher growth of bacteria, yeast and mold than in the refrigerator with Polar Fresh®.

  • In the refrigerator without Polar Fresh® the growth of micro-organisms is most dramatic by day two. This is because excess moisture combines with sugars & proteins on the surface of food, creating the perfect conditions for rapid growth.

  • In the refrigerator with Polar Fresh® the rate of growth is significantly lower because Polar Fresh® removes the excess moisture and keeps the refrigerator colder. The combination of colder and drier conditions keeps all food fresher because micro-organisms can no longer thrive.


  • The results of this evaluation clearly illustrate the ability of Polar Fresh® to keep food fresher and refrigerators safer for food storage.

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